Holidays to the Caribbean are on the money for bright white beaches, colourful coral reefs and off-road adventures.

Idyllic islands

If there’s one thing the Caribbean aces, it’s a beach holiday. This island family racks up some stand-up stretches, where the sands are suncream-white and the waters are as clear as rum. But that’s not all. It manages to pull off UNESCO-ticked sights, action-packed rainforests and cute old towns, too.

Silky sands

There’s one word for the beaches in these parts – tropical. Aruba’s regularly up there on World’s Best lists. And it’s a similar story in Barbados, with top-dollar resorts hugging the pristine beaches. But Jamaica takes the cake for its so-called Seven Mile Beach – a buzzing, white-sand belt with a good helping of reggae bars. Over in St Lucia, the beaches are black-sand beauties.

Kaleidoscope culture

Caribbean holidays aren’t just bucket and spade territory. It’s crammed with culture, as well. First up, you’ve got Bob Marley’s digs – Jamaica, where reggae, spicy chicken and a chilled attitude rule the roost. But some have European vibes, too, like Dutch Aruba and its paint-palette capital, or British-like Barbados. Here, you can wolf down afternoon tea while watching the cricket.

Ready, set, go

The Caribbean is just as flush with rainforest as it is beaches. The Dominican Republic is one of the big dogs in this department. There are loads of ways to explore its greenery – by zip-line, all-action buggies or huge monster trucks. Along the coast, you’ve also got world-class diving, surfing and whale-spotting.


  • Get down to Reggae beats in Jamaica
  • Sink your toes into Aruba’s soft sands
  • Go cross-country in the Dominican Republic