Kefalonia holidays blend a chilled-out feel with tried-and-tested coastal resorts and plenty of eye-catching scenery.

Hollywood-worthy beaches

Taking the top spot as the biggest Ionian Island, Kefalonia doesn’t hold back when it comes to coastlines. And it certainly left a good impression on Hollywood, because the island was a featured player in the Nicholas Cage movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. Myrtos Beach, in the north, takes the cake. It’s shaped like a crescent moon, and the sand’s so white it looks like snow from a distance.


You’ll find this charming little town near the island’s southern tip. It was destroyed by a 1953 earthquake. But today it’s flourished into one of the go-to spots on Kefalonia. There’s a platter of ancient Roman ruins close by, and the surrounding countryside’s loaded with hiking trails that wind around farms and vineyards.

Mount Ainos

Kefalonia’s landscape’s dominated by this mountain, which stands out as the tallest on the island. The area around it’s a protected national park, so pristine pine forests have been left alone to blanket the surrounding hills. And it’s easy to get to, as well. There’s a road that carves its way all the way up to just a few hundred metres shy of the summit. On a clear day, the view from the top puts mainland Greece on full display.

At a Glance

  • Roll out your towel on Lepeda Beach
  • Sip a glass of Robola wine
  • Browse Fiskardo’s boutiques

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