Your winter sun season starts now. With Halloween out of the way, it’s acceptable to finally play a bit of Mariah Carey and seek out a Christmas market trip at the end of this month before the rush starts. But as European spots are gearing up for winter, if you’re after some sun still, it’s time to look further afield.

Mexico is feeling festive and hot, celebrating its Day of the Dead festival at the start of November. India lights up with Diwali or you can join in on Thanksgiving with a trip to New York.

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Closer to home, the Canary Islands are still a safe bet. They’re not hot but definitely warmer than the UK, with temps in the early 20s. Morocco and Egypt are about the same. Or, send your trip somewhere further like Goa in India – it’s high 20s on average over there. The Gambia, Barbados are Dubai are also hot November picks.

Go big! Christmas is known to be quite an expensive time to travel, so if you want to get a trip in before the New Year, this is the time. There are no school holidays to worry about and the weather is probably rubbish at home, so you can make everyone jealous by sunning yourself somewhere far away.

If you’re more of a short-haul fan, then make the most of the cooler climate for a more active holiday. It’s a great time to hike in the Azores, Canaries and Madeira.

The Canary Islands are always great value, and you might even find the south coast of mainland Spain to be a nice pick for this month. Spots in Andalusia like Malaga or even Seville and Granada a bit more inland can be both balmy and budget. And Morocco – it’s always a win for deals.

If you go long haul, the flight prices can’t compete with Europe but once you’re there, you’ll be surprised how far your money can go. Our picks: Mexico and India.