Term-time starts = prices plummet. If you haven’t got kids, September’s a winner for squeezing in a summer holiday before the season officially ends. Europe’s still pretty toasty so you can catch the tail-end of the warm weather minus the crowds.

Turkey and Cyprus are a more bearable temperature, and it’s a good time to visit Morocco as things start to cool down a tad. And if you’re going away at the end of the month, you can expect everything to be that gorg golden-brown colour with autumn coming around the corner.

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Santorini’s still sitting in the mid to late 20s in September, and you’ll be visiting without the busy crowds and peak price tags, too. Sicily and Sardinia are also good shouts if you’re more comfortable with days averaging 23˚C. Or for that dry desert heat, Tunisia and Morocco are around the 30˚C mark. Most cities in central Europe see temperatures drop back down to the late teens at this point, so a city break to Budapest, Berlin or Prague could be on the cards.

We know it’s called Oktoberfest, but it actually starts at the end of September. Arguably the event of the year for beer lovers, this German festival is celebrated all over Europe, but for the real deal, Munich’s the place to be. The vibes here are immaculate, with thousands of people dressed in lederhosen heading to huge beer halls to knock back an impressive number of steins, eat traditional German bratwurst and listen to live folk music.

Mexico’s well past its peak season by September, but it’s definitely not past it’s prime. It’s actually one of the best times to visit its capital city, with better prices, fewer crowds and cooler days making for perfect sightseeing conditions. Closer to home, Barcelona’s easier on the wallet at this time of year, too, and you’ll get to catch the city’s cultural highlight, La Mercè. The five-day festival’s packed with street parties, light shows, live music and fireworks.