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Looking for more travel tips and inspo? Check out our Inspire articles…

Frequently Asked Questions About Budget Holidays

Are you the numbers guy on holiday? Keen to bag a good deal, shop the sales or make the most of this month’s payday? Your Budget holidays are all about making sure every penny you want to pay goes towards your perfect pick.  Whether that’s no more than £500 or over £1,000 – start with your budget first and find the trip that gets you all the bang for your buck. Stick to it to spend less or blow it big style – your budget, your choice.

First, find out what you can afford. Then, decide if you want to hedge your bets and go a little lower – we’d all rather go ‘over’ budget, but not actually break the bank. A good option is to take your spending money out in cash. This might seem old fashioned, but it requires an awful lot more awareness than tapping a card.

Other little things – take the bus over a taxi, shop from a local market instead of the big superstore, and maybe opt for a self-catering option so you can save on eating out all the time. These are all changes that can create a more authentic holiday experience anyway.

Absolutely. We’ve got our very own category for £500 stays or less – check it out!

Have you ever tried All Inclusive? This might seem like an extravagant, treat-yourself kind of trip, but All Inclusive is a great way to track your spending. The whole idea is that you pay a price up front and there’s no need to spend any more. If you’ve only got £500 and there’s a trip that covers your flights, transfers, hotel and food and drink, that’s your job done!

This is always changing. Your best bet is to keep an eye on our deals pages. Sign up to our emails and check the website for any destinations on offer at the time you want to book. There are always weekly discounts being sent around, so somewhere you’re interested in is bound to be up for grabs for less.