Holidays to Antigua are all shades of orange, yellow and green. Its towns, markets and beaches bring that colourful Caribbean vibe.

Classic Caribbean

Antigua’s been dubbed the land of 365 beaches – sound like enough? The trick is to keep a classic rum punch in one hand and the other free to snap a load of these sugary belts of sand. The palm trees make for pretty backdrops but further inland, the rainforest is also full of hiking trails and hilltop beauty spots.

English links

Don’t get us wrong, this place looks nothing like England – that’s why we go on holiday here. But the island’s got a distinctly English influence, with its colonial architecture and English Harbour – a former Royal Navy stronghold on the island’s southern side. Nelson’s Dockyard is where one of the world’s biggest yacht races sets sail. Even the national sport is a familiar one – legendary cricketers like Richie Richardson, Viv Richards and Curtly Ambrose all fell hail from Antigua.


Antigua’s capital, St John’s, warms you right through with its shades of orange, peach and mint-green. The smells will stop you in the streets, with cafés and markets cheffing up the best Caribbean cooking. Then you’ve got modern shopping centres serving both traditional and more modern dress codes. For views across Deepwater Harbour, meanwhile, Fort James hits the spot. Cannons still point across the bay from this headland, and the sands below are as soft as you like.

At a Glance

  • Hop between the beaches of Five Islands
  • Go yacht-spotting in the English Harbour
  • Check out the views from Fort James