Well hello there, spring. It might be early days, but we see you and your blossoms making everything look extra aesthetic. Europe’s about ready to show winter the door and undergo a serious glow up, so it’s one of the best times of the year for a city break.

Italy and Spain are heading into peak citrus season, so expect lots of sweet-smelling lemon and orange trees brightening things up, and Amsterdam’s iconic tulips will be stealing the show. If it’s beach time you’re looking for, temperatures in Turkey, Cyprus and Morocco are finally starting to make their way through the low 20s.

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Spring is here, and so is the warmer weather. Southern Europe’s definitely in the T-shirt-weather stage, with Seville sitting in the low 20s. For some serious heat, the Dominican Republic, Barbados and Cancun are well into the 30s by this point. Plus, it’s still the Caribbean’s dry season in March, so there’ll be no rain clouds in sight.

There are school and uni holidays around Easter, so if you’ve got kids, lock in your bookings as early as you can to secure that holiday you’ve got your eye on.

If you don’t have kids, find out what the dates are and steer clear of them to avoid the peak-date price tags. And if you’ve got a spontaneous side, look out for some sweet last-minute deals around this time – good things absolutely do come to those who wait.

It’s still a tiny bit early for Europe’s peak season to be in full swing, so you can make the most of the warmer weather and stay bang on budget. San Sebastian is pretty reasonable right now, which makes its famous foodie scene all the more delicious. And you can live la dolce vita in Tuscany and Rome even if you’re on a budget.