With thousands of islands and a camera roll-worth of historic city sites, Croatia holidays give plenty of must-see hotspots.

Noise-free north

Here’s one for the history buffs – Croatia’s always been hot property, with all sorts of kingdoms scrapping over its plot. This explains the Roman ruins and Venetian palaces found all over. For example, in the Istrian Riviera, head honcho Pula shows off a massive amphitheatre. This northern part of Croatia’s got green fingers, too, with a load of national parks, including the famous Plitvice Lakes.

Sought-after south

The south gets the most visits from holidaymakers, thanks to the Dubrovnik region and its posse of islands. Game of Thrones fans will have a field day in the city of Dubrovnik, where chunky walls, cobbled streets and views of the Adriatic Sea will give you King’s Landing flashbacks. Up north, the Dalmatian Coast brings some must-see island hotspots to the table, like postcard fave Zlatni Rat Beach, in Brac, and ritzy Hvar.

Keeping up with Kvarner

A relative newbie to Croatia’s bursting portfolio is Kvarner Bay, found between the Istrian peninsula and Croatia’s north. The Kvarner coastline makes for a dramatic backdrop, with a collection of charming islands strung along it like brightly coloured beads on a necklace. Towns like Rab, Rijeka and Opatija ooze Medieval history, plus the cuisine around here’s all fresh seafood, just-poured wines and traditional cakes that are hot out of the oven.

Fancy seeing Croatia by train?

We also offer flight-free trips to Croatia, in partnership with Byway. Trundle along the Adriatic Coast and through the Istrian Peninsula to stop off in big cities and beautiful beach destinations – island life is even on the cards. Browse flight-free trips to Croatia.

At a Glance

  • Spy on Dubrovnik’s old town
  • Catch a gig at Pula’s amphitheatre
  • Explore off the beaten track in Kvarner Bay
  • First Choice x Byway – flight-free trips available

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