Split holidays show off the best of Croatia – impressive architecture, turquoise water and a too-hip-to-skip bar scene.

Coastal crown jewel

The Dalmatian Coast's home to many a seaside beauty, but Split might just be Croatia's most popular. The city's a hub of boutique shops, lively bars and fine dining, all wrapped in old-world charm. If the terracotta roofs and historical sights don't steal your heart, the swish marina and palm-lined promenade will.

Fit for a throne

There are certainly a few sights worth seeing in Split's old town, but among them, Diocletian's Palace stands out as a must. Dating back to the early 4th century, it's one of the world's best-preserved and most spectacular Roman structures. If you've time, organise a guide to give you the full history.

Raise a glass

If you fancy escaping the city for a while, pay a visit to the Putalj Winery – not that anyone needs an excuse for this trip. It's a 25-minute taxi ride, but worth the journey for a tantalising tasting menu. Alternatively, sample the favours from a bar on the prom.

Dancing shoes

The nearby island of Hvar might have a reputation for all-hours partying, but Split certainly provides tough competition. With cosy bars, bass-thumping clubs and everything in between, the city offers an option to let loose and live it up no matter what your vibe is.

At a Glance

  • Take the ferry to Hvar Island for the day
  • Marvel at the ancient ruins of Diocletian's Palace
  • Treat your taste buds to locally made wines

Best time to go to Split

Split’s summers are warm from start to finish. Things peak in July, when the temperature hits around 25°C, but you can usually look forward to t-shirt weather from May to October. It’s probably worth packing a brolly if you’re visiting towards the end of the year – rainy days are more likely once the calendar’s flipped to October.

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