Summer has entered the chat. The days are longer and hotter in July, and life is just great. In Europe, temps make their way up to the 30s, so you don’t have to travel far to soak up the sun.

It’s the south of France’s time to shine at this time of year – the lavender and sunflower fields are in full bloom, so everything looks extra pretty. If you’re a fan of city breaks, Barcelona and Lisbon’s beaches are perfect for cooling off between sightseeing. And for all the sun worshippers out there, Cyprus, Turkey and Greece are some of the hottest spots this month.

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It’s all about short-haul destinations in July, with close-to-home countries like Croatia, Italy, and Spain sitting in the 30s. If you’d rather get far, far away, Canada’s well and truly defrosted by this point, and it’s all about exploring the great outdoors in its national parks. Iceland’s also ice-less at this time of year, with its temperatures maxing out at a mild 15˚C, and 24/7 daylight means more time to pack stuff into your trip.

Book your trip ASAP. Although British kids don’t finish school until the end of the month, children in other countries are in holiday mode from the end of June, so things will already start to get busy. And that also goes for any activities or day trips you defo want to do – you’ll be visiting when most places are in peak season, so pre-book anything you don’t want to miss before you go to avoid disappointment.

This just is one of those more spenny times to get away as everyone has the same idea, but there are definitely a few ways to get away on the cheap. If you’re after a sunny destination, swap Greece or Italy for North Macedonia, Bulgaria or Albania. These European destinations fly under the radar compared to their well-known neighbours, but they’re just as hot and just as pretty for a lot less.