From flamenco dancing to traditional tapas, city breaks to Seville capture authentic Spanish scenes in every shot.

Seville city breaks

Seville’s got all the boxes ticked when it comes to city breaks. Its compact city centre means its sights are mapped out close together. And there’s not a month on the calendar that the weather dips down to single-figure temperatures. There’s a treat for the taste buds on the city’s dining scene, which comes with tons of tapas restaurants in its ranks. Plus, Seville’s a star player on Europe’s nightlife line up – so big nights out are in the bag, too.

The star of the south

Seville heads things up in Andalucia –the region that covers a huge chunk of Spain’s southern coast. This city’s split into two parts by the River Guadalquivir, and while the east side covers a catalogue of sights, the west side is hot on its heels, too. Triana takes centre stage on this side of town – it’s home to some of the city’s big-name nightlife spots. And it takes the wheel of the city’s famous flamenco dancing scene.

Awesome architecture

There’s no shortage of set-to-stun sights in Seville. Taking the crowning glory is The Royal Alcazar, the oldest European palace that is still in use today. Visiting this place might give you a bit of a déjà vu moment – it’s appeared in a pair of Star Wars movies, and Game of Thrones. Not one to be left out, Seville’s cathedral has got a couple of big claims under its belt, too – it’s the third largest cathedral in the world and sprawls across an area the same size as a pair of football pitches. The third sight that makes up Seville’s UNESCO-ticked trio is the General Archive of the Indies – a wow-worthy building that houses documents and relating to Spain’s 16th-century empire.

At a Glance

  • Roam around a royal palace
  • Hop from tapas bar to tapas bar in Triana
  • Go on a big night out in Alfalfa