Andalucia holidays offer more choice than a bumper buffet spread. You've got UNESCO-ranked palaces to start, make-up-free scenery for mains, and Blue Flag beaches for pud.

World-famous sands

Spain’s trusty beach resorts have been coming up trumps with holidaymakers for yonks, and Andalucia’s got a brag-worthy trio to shout about. The Costa del Sol delivers a simple recipe of restaurant-bordered sands and hotels that have mastered home comforts. Costa de Almeria rocks big and small beaches, like Roquetas de Mar and Cabo de Gata. And Costa de la Luz slots in to complete the trilogy, with rip-roaring watersports and a dot-to-dot of tanning territories.

Big-shot cities

Tear your gaze away from the pin-up-style shoreline, and the region’s city scene’s well worth some air time. Seville, Malaga, Granada, Cordoba – they all come under the fluttering green-and-white Andalusian banner. Between them, they create a hamper of have-to-sees, ranging from replicas of Columbus’ sailing ships to historic hilltop castles. There’s a modern fizz to mention, too, with a tag-team of shopping and nightlife covering every hour of the day.

UNESCO trail

A package holiday doesn’t only mean flaking out by the pool, especially when Andalucia’s got a glut of World Heritage Sites to get your teeth into. UNESCO have been giving out stamps like they’re going out of fashion, so the sightseeing game’s on point. The Donana National Park ticks the nature reserve box, and you’re in for stunning views if you visit Gorham’s Cave Complex – tucked into the side of the Rock of Gibraltar. In the manmade category, the ornate Alhambra Palace, Seville Cathedral and the Great Mosque of Cordoba all deliver the goods.

At a Glance

  • Spread out on star-rated sands
  • Marvel at the Great Mosque of Cordoba
  • Explore eerie Gorham’s Cave Complex

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