Holidays to Aguadulce punch in superb scores when it comes to scenery and seafront action.

Beaut backdrop

Aguadulce sticks a flag in the shores of Spain’s scenic Costa de Almeria, on the lip of the Gulf of Almeria. The town’s a real variety box – you’ve got a modern waterfront, plus tonnes of photo-ready scenery. On one hand there’s a marina that’s stocked with fishing boats and fancy yachts, plus mojito bars, harbourfront restaurants and hotels that have their gaze fixed on the sea. On the other, you’ve got the mammoth Sierra de Gador mountains, which look over the hotels’ shoulders.

Salt and sand

The beach here is a real roomy number, and stretches right along the town’s seaside plot. Fluffy sands make it a winner for sunbathing, and the promenade behind has a smart stash of palm trees, souvenir shops and open-air cafés. Sand shares the limelight with salt around here though. A 15-minute drive out of Aguadulce, towards Roquetas de Mar, brings Las Salinas into the picture. These vast salt marshes are often a dusky shade of pink, so make for some other-worldly holiday snaps

Mega mountains

The cloud-nudging mountains queued behind Aguadulce aren’t just a pretty face – they make great exploring fodder. Water channels and natural springs trickle down the slopes, and there are walking trails that you can pound to reach the top. In fact, the town even got its name from one of the ancient mountain streams. Aguadulce translates as ‘sweet water’, because of the unique taste from one of the water sources. It’s long dried up, but there’s still plenty of greenery on offer, and the views from up high are first class.

At a Glance

  • Dine out at the marina
  • Pop across to Roquetas de Mar
  • Explore the Sierra de Gador mountains

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