This is officially the start of that summer feeling. Around the 21st of June we have summer solstice in Europe, so this month claims the lightest evenings and longest days of the year.

Midsummer is a celebration of the occasion and in places like Sweden, Norway and Austria, this means maypole dancing and mega bonfires. It’s also conveniently before schools break up, so the combo of hot weather and more affordable prices is pure perfection. Places won’t be so packed out yet too – it’s a popular month to travel with lots going on and a good buzz, but nowhere near as busy as July and August.

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Best destinations for June Holidays

These are the spots you should pick to make the most of this month.

Why Book June Holidays

Top City Breaks in June

This season’s hottest city breaks, right here…

Cheap Holidays this June

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly break, these places won’t quite have peaked at this point.


For something big, Mauritius is at its best in June. Rain and humidity are low and the temperatures are lovely and warm for beach days. To keep it closer to home and make the most of a European summer, Portugal’s a top pick. The Algarve’s your safest bet down south, with solid days over 20˚C. The south of France and specifically Provence is also stunning – the end of June kicks off lavender season here for some really pretty scenes

Midsummer is a really special event to witness in some countries and while summer brings beach breaks to mind, other places can be a great pick for a bit of culture. For Sweden, this holiday is even bigger than Christmas. Locals dance around maypoles wearing flower crowns and feast on pickled herring and strawberries. So, why not make the most of the long days and do a city break to Stockholm?

Costa Rica is known to be a pricey pick, but June is as cheap as it’ll get. Prices are at their lowest this time of year, so the conversion rate is ideal. It is the start of the rainy season but nowhere near the peak and that means greenery, wildlife and loads of fiestas to celebrate. Grenada’s prices are also cut compared to the rest of the year. Or you can count on plenty of sun before the school crowds arrive in the Canary Islands – they’ve always got good deals.