April is the first full month of British Summer Time baby! Spring has been springing in Europe since the 20th of March, so we’re talking pink blossoms, luscious forests and national parks to make your holiday pics even prettier.

Outdoor adventures can finally start to see off a real risk of bad weather and the evenings are only getting brighter for fuller days of activity. If you’re not about full-on sun, this time also marks the start of your season to shine, with more comfortable temperatures before the summer heat starts to settle in.

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Best destinations for April Holidays

These are the spots you should pick to make the most of this month.

Why Book April Holidays

Top City Breaks in April

This season’s hottest city breaks, right here…

Cheap Holidays this April

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly break, these places won’t quite have peaked at this point.


This is the time to seek out places like Cyprus that might be too hot to handle over summer, so are just right for spring. Temperatures still hit the mid-20s here and in Morocco. Or, to jump on the last of the winter-sun hype, Dubai, Goa in India and parts of Thailand are more like 30˚C if you’re after something higher.

Go somewhere where there’s a bit of nature – national parks, lakes, mountains. This time of year is when these places come to life, literally. Resorts in Switzerland are still open for skiing but the weather is getting warmer, so lower down Alpine flowers are blooming. Hiking is a big win in this month too, but outdoor adventures at this time aren’t just about physical activity. If the landscapes you move through are looking their best, the views are everything.

Morocco is always fairly affordable, and April finds a gap between the end of the winter-sun rush and the start of the school holidays and increasingly intense summer sun. Popular city breaks like Rome and Paris are also a good shout. Places like this are popular festive destinations over the winter for Christmas markets as well as over the warmer months and particularly, for quick bank holiday escapes. So, you can sneak in a visit for less somewhere in the middle.