Enter shoulder season with a holiday in October and say hello to some real budget-friendly trips. If you thought September was good, in October the prices get even better. At this time in the Northern Hemisphere, the leaves are turning red and orange, while the south is settling into spring.

Turkey is still looking toasty, and Greece keeps the mid-20s average temperatures coming. If you’re looking to get away with the family, there’s another half term this month to plan for. But if it’s just you and some mates, you’ll be better off avoiding this week to bag a cheaper deal.

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For Europe, think south for the last of summer. So, Morocco, the Canary Islands, the Balearics, Cyprus, Greece or Turkey. If you fancy something long haul, it’s a prime time to pick Mauritius – it’s in between its winter and rainy seasons, so say hello to the perfect warm and dry climate. Jamaica is also hotting up right about now and Cancun in Mexico is emerging from its wettest month in September.

It’s spooky season at the end of this month, so keep an eye out for any Halloween celebrations. The USA take this holiday seriously and Spain has a three-day celebration starting on the 31st with Dia de las Brujas or ‘Day of the Witches’. Italy, Poland and Romania all have their own take, too. And don’t forget about Oktoberfest in Germany…

To make the most of the cheaper prices this month, if you’re not travelling with kids, try to avoid the half-term week. The rise of people going on holiday in that short period will hike the costs a bit, even if it’s not quite as much as summer.

Morocco is always a pretty affordable destination and it’ll be past the real summer peak by this time, so the sun won’t be as strong. Even Croatia is a good pick. While the weather might not call for beach days here at this time, the cities are much less crowded to explore. The same goes for European beach cities in general. Places like Barcelona, Lisbon and Athens should see a drop in prices, as it’s not necessarily prime beach weather, but that makes exploring nicer with fewer crowds.