Combining Italy's mouthwatering cuisine and Croatia's pebbly beaches, holidays to Vrsar are a cultural pick-n-mix that's sure to delight.

Istria's diamond

If the Istrian Riveria was a string of jewels along the sapphire-coloured Adriatic Sea, the Vrsar would be the diamond in its centre. This small Croatian hilltop town's got marina views and epic sunsets. Browse shops selling lavender honey and truffle oil before you venture out to chase waterfalls in nearby national parks.

Dine the konoba way

Istria's got flavours as good as mama used to make, and Vrsar's brimming with yummy options at local tavernas known as 'konobas'. Whether on the seafront or in the old town, expect to see fresh seafood and Istrian truffles on the menu.

Croatia's keepsake

Historical charm's laid on thick throughout Croatia. In nearby Porec, the most valuable cultural property's the Euphrasian Basilica. UNESCO-listed, this church has got some of the world's best-preserved Christian architecture. Marvel at the elaborate mosaics and check out structures that go back to the sixth century.

Dreamy beaches

Vrsar's sweeping coast has got beaches aplenty, and many proudly fly the Blue Flag. Most of the shores are pebbly, and secluded bays are perfect for peaceful lounging or brisk swims in clear water.

At a Glance

  • Devour pasta and truffle-topped risotto
  • Sip cocktails on the waterfront at sunset
  • Marvel at mosaics inside the Euphrasian Basilica