Argostoli holidays land you in Kefalonia’s waterside capital. The boats bobbing in the harbour share the water with resident turtles, who come and say kalimera, or good morning each day.

Kefalonia’s Capital

Argostoli wears Kefalonia’s crown – this south-west town is the island’s capital. You might notice this place is more modern than your typical Greek postcard scene – following an earthquake in 1953 the whole town had to be rebuilt. It’s also the proud filling of a nature sandwich – the town’s set between emerald-coloured mountains and a shallow lagoon. The waters are home to loggerhead turtles and loads of marine life. Plus, away from its promenade-lined harbour, there’s a shop-filled strip and a central square which comes alive in the evening.

Turtle town

The Ionian islands are known for their resident turtles, and Kefalonia is no different from the rest of the bunch. Each morning loggerhead turtles are attracted to the harbour – it’s got calm waters thanks to two peninsulas which create a natural protection from the current. And the narrow beaches to the south of Argostoli make a perfect habitat for the turtles to make their nests, too. Plus, if you visit from late July to October, you may even catch sight of a turtle hatching and taking its first strides into the sea.

Liners to Lixouri

There’s a frequent ferry that departs from Argostoli and lands you in Lixouri in around 20 minutes. Like much of the island, this place was also a victim of the earthquake that struck between Kefalonia and its Ionian sister Zante. But, in contrast to Argostoli, this place was carefully reconstructed to appear almost as it was before the damage struck the island – so you can expect a more traditional feel. The big draw is Xi beach – it’s famed for its deep-red coloured sands that look as though they’ve been lifted from Mars.

At a Glance

  • Go turtle-spotting in the Bay of Argostoli
  • Sail the seas to Lixouri
  • Try out the local’s favourite fish dish