Enter your flight-free era, in partnership with Byway

Travelling flight free is about so much more than just getting there. Build a personalised itinerary by train, bus or ferry and start your holiday the minute you step on board, taking in the sights between stops, and the ones when you hop off. The best part? All your accommodation and travel are sorted for you, and you get on-demand support while you’re away. Every second you’re away counts, and that includes the journey. It’s all part of the adventure.

Flight-free destinations

Find your next holiday – no flights necessary. See where the world of flight-free travel can take you.

What’s included?

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The world of flight-free travel is waiting. Check out these popular journeys and experience the joy of going by rail, ferry and bus through Europe and beyond.

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Feeling inspired? Check out these curated trips below, from dog-friendly getaways to last-minute escapes.

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The art of slow travel…

Slow travel isn’t about the time a trip takes – but the quality of the journey. By opting for slow travel, you’ll stop in more places, and delve into rich sights and experiences. Together, First Choice and Byway are helping you love the journey as well as the destination.



Frequently asked questions about flight-free travel

– All accommodation.
– All travel, unless Byway tells you otherwise (e.g. some local bus/ferry journeys that can’t be pre-booked or pre-paid).
– A journey guide with details of your trip and activity recommendations.
– A WhatsApp group with the Byway Team for on-demand support, free disruption rerouting and weather-related travel tips.
– Package protection through our ABTA bond.

It doesn’t include:

– Tickets for activities, ski or event passes.
– Local car or bike hire, although you can get recommendations for the best places to hire from.
– Extra-large luggage, including surfboardssurf boards or musical instruments.
– Local transfers, taxis or buses you might choose to take within an area once you’re there.
– Travel insurance – please arrange this separately. 

Not included as standard, but possible to add on request for certain trips:

– Your pets.
– Your bikes.
– Experience bookings.
– Evening meals or lunch.

Once you’ve found your ready-made trip, you’ll be directed right to Byway to complete the booking. 

You will see a summary of your trip and your payment options. If your holiday is more than eight weeks away, you can secure your trip with only a 25% deposit. 

You can also advise any preferences around travel times or other requirements you might have. You’ll then be taken to the payment page. 

Once you’ve booked, the Byway Team will secure your accommodation and book your key travel tickets. They will then follow up with all the details of your trip, including accommodation and travel times, within a week of your booking.

Yep! Byway generally book flexible tickets during your trip so that if you choose to adjust your trip before you go or while you’re away, it’s no problem to make the changes you need, with no or minimal fees.

One of the great things about travelling by rail is that, with a few limitations, you can take as much luggage as you can carry! Unlike airlines, there’s no charge for excess baggage, so long as your luggage can fit in the luggage racks or overhead spaces on board, you’ll be able to take it with you. If Byway suggests experiences en route from one overnight stay to another, you’ll always get advice on where to leave your bag, and if you choose to walk from one place you’re staying to another, you can arrange bag transfers. Note that there are exceptions for oversized luggage such as surfboards, musical instruments or bicycles, so let the team know if you’re hoping to take anything other than suitcases with you.

Rail strikes can and do happen, but your holiday is protected with Byway. If you’re unlucky enough to be affected by rail strikes, Byway will let you know about it as soon as possible. Byway will try to re-plan your holiday using alternative routes or transport whilst keeping disruption to you to a minimum.