Cuba holidays sweet talk a love language of crayon-coloured city breaks, classically Caribbean beaches and a low-key way of life.

Golden oldie

If you like your beach holidays with a handful of retro, fiery flair, Cuba’s the Caribbean island for you. You can ogle clock-stopped colonial architecture and classic cars in the capital of Havana. Its colourful character is as punchy as its rum, and the milky beaches are just as good to gawp at. Yes, they do look even better with a mojito in shot. Or, cop a spot in Al Capone's old stomping ground, Varadero. Gone are the days of this place being a gangster-clad destination, although those guys could clearly pick a beach.

Beach bundle

If your idea of the perfect Caribbean beach resort is all blonde sands and clingfilm-clear waters, Cuba's got you covered. Varadero is the obvious pick as the island's top resort and it’s an easy win for family holidays, thanks to a 20-kilometre-strong coastline. Journey east to Jibacoa and you’ll share the waters with sea turtles and rays. Or, cast away to Cayo Guillermo or Cayo Coco – an isle that calls out coral reefs and pink flamingo-filled lagoons.

City sights

If it's nice, say it twice. Did we mention the Cuban capital and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old Havana? Showing off its wrinkles and still looking a million Cuban Pesos, Revolution Square’s a good place to start – it’s where you’ll find the iconic mural of Che Guevara. On your wanders around the loud-and-proud city, expect to hear the Cadillacs chugging along before you see them. Follow them down Art Deco to colonial-style streets, spot cigar-puffing men chatting in shop doorways, and seek out some salsa that's always pumping out of the city’s colourful cabaret clubs.


Cuba’s rustic charms give it a whole different feel to the rest of the Caribbean. The country’s economy took a bit of a knock after decades of strict trade embargos, so holiday mod-cons like pick-me restaurants and air con aren’t all that common. But hey, if you're after a holiday out of your comfort zone, it's all part of the experience, right? Thanks to this way of life, Cuba’s got the whole off-the-tourist-trail adventure-seeking thing down.

At a Glance

  • Sprawl out on Varadero’s sand
  • Hang out in historic Old Havana
  • Set sail to the Cuban Cayos, from Coco to Guillermo

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