Set above the volcanic remnants of ancient days, holidays to Sao Vicente truly take you the roots of Portugal's wild island.

Slow and steady

Nestled between the cliffs of Madeira's north coast far from Portugal's mainland, the relaxed village of Sao Vicente's a spot worth exploring whether you're an expert hiker or slow-lane stroller. Somewhat of a newcomer to the tourist trail, it's still got its quiet, secluded atmosphere, perfect for unwinding in the heart of nature.

Big-bang history

Though sleepy on the surface, beneath the village lies a labyrinth of volcanic caves and lava tubes. Take a 10-minute drive inland and you can see them for yourself with an informative tour. The island itself was born of volcanic activity, so it's really a Madeira must-see.

Poolside, seaside

Is it possible to combine thrills and relaxation? Sao Vicente seems to think so, with the Porto Moniz Natural Pools only a 20-minute drive along the coast. These oceanic pools sit in the sea itself, protected by stone-wall rings. It makes for an invigorating dip, and with that view, it's an unforgettable experience.

At a Glance

  • Hike through the hills to find the perfect ocean view
  • Discover the wonder of Madeira's famous lava caves
  • Make a splash at the unique Porto Moniz Natural Pools