Some of the best All Inclusive beach resorts around pop up on the Costa Blanca, so luxury holidays are easy to come by.

Bag a massage by the beach in Benidorm

Fancy a few nights in a spa hotel? Try one of the luxury retreats in Benidorm. First-class pool scenes, soothing saunas and herbal massages are the norm. And it’s all within grabbing distance of the white-gold beach.

Go jewellery shopping in Valencia

Turn your back on the coast, and you’ll come across Valencia — one of the most fashionable cities in Spain. Well-heeled types flock to fashion boutiques like Armani and Vuitton. Vogue even named a local craftsman, Vicente Garcia, one of the top 10 jewellers in the world.

Daytrip to Denia

The marina steals the spotlight in the bijoux town of Denia. You could sign up to scuba diving, hire a charter yacht, or shop the nautical boutiques. Or on the other hand, you could just sip Prosecco at a waterside lounge bar.

Looking for a luxury holiday to the Costa Blanca? Travel with us for a first-class line-up of All Inclusive hotels and flights.

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