Balito Beach holidays trundle along in the slow lane, with a couple of Gran Canaria's faster-paced customers running on either side.

Big on relaxing

On the size scale, Balito Beach definitely falls into the small scoop category. It’s barely more than a blob of sand and an all-by-itself hotel, which means it ranks highly in the relaxation stakes. In fact, the only thing that’s not chilled here is the weather. In true Canary Islands fashion, things stay toasty right through the winter months.

Bringing the noise

Things jolt into action if you pop across to either of Balito Beach’s closest chums. In one direction, Los Caideros and Arguineguin stock shopping malls, Caribbean-quality sands and a marina tasselled with modern hotels. Spin around, and there’s an even livelier customer in the other direction. Puerto Rico’s like a giant amphitheatre, with bars, restaurants and hotels stacked up in a steep U-shape around a golden streak of sand.

Pint-sized sands

The beach here’s a real out-of-the-way number, so you won’t have to rock up early to find a spot for your towel. It’s on the money if you’re a fan off something off the beaten track. For the crème de la crème of Insta shots, though, follow the waterside pathway to nearby Anfi Beach. This sheltered bay’s a few shades paler than Balito Beach, so you’ll get that tropical feel without having to rack up the extra air miles.

At a Glance

  • Stroll along the waterfront trails
  • Hit the shops in Arguineguin
  • Go yacht-spotting at a marina