During a holiday to Beruwala, you can chill out on a tropical beach, tuck into first-rate seafood, and get pampered with Ayurvedic massages.

Beach therapy

The best thing about Beruwala is its beach. With golden sand backed by tropical palm-trees, it’s the ideal place to recharge your batteries. Ramp up the relaxation further with an Ayurvedic treatment. The town is Sri Lanka’s go-to place for this holistic therapy, so massages, body scrubs and herbal steam baths are easy to come by.

A bustling port

For a livelier scene, hot-foot it to the harbour. Hundreds of brightly-coloured boats can be seen shuttling in and out, carrying nets chock-full of lobster, tuna and shark. It’s also the launching point for days at sea. Test your own angling skills during a fishing trip. Or, take the short hop across the water to the island lighthouse for hard-to-beat views along the coast.

Nearby Bentota

Beruwala sits shoulder-to-shoulder with the town of Bentota. As well as a second beach for you to choose from, this place offers up a lagoon that’s a magnet for wildlife. Set off on a boat ride through the swamps and you’ll spot the likes of kingfishers swooping overhead and crocodiles peeking out from below the surface.

At a Glance

  • Spend a lazy day on Beruwala Beach
  • Watch fishermen unload their haul at the harbour
  • Go on a wildlife-watching boat ride on Bentota’s lagoon