Holidays in Central America are David Attenborough’s dream. You can ogle everything from monkeys and sloths to whales and turtles in its rainforests, beaches and oceans.

Cosy Central America

This narrow slither of land is the filling between North and South America’s sandwich. The whole region’s pretty dinky – in fact, it’s smaller than the state of Texas and packs in just seven countries. But the scenery and wildlife on Central America holidays is larger than life. We’re talking rainforests full of monkeys and sloths and seas brimming with whales and dolphins – even its beaches are turtle hotspots.

Natural thrills

This region’s a real adrenaline junkie. And Costa Rica’s the top dog – or sloth – around here. You can hike up active volcanoes and raft down rivers. Plus, you can take things off the ground at Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, where there’s the option of catching a sky tram, zooming along zip lines or plodding across hanging bridges. Meanwhile, Mexico – to the north of Central America – has its fair share of eco-adventure parks, too.

Seaside chills

Even Tarzan needed downtime and holidays to Central America offer plenty of it. This place has a double helping of coastlines, after all. You’ve got everything from white-sand stretches to surf-ready waves and turtle nesting sites – and that’s just Costa Rica. Mexico throws its own sombrero into the ring, with its Caribbean Sea-washed beaches and whale-watching trips on the Pacific Coast. Plus, the world’s second-biggest coral reef starts in Cancun and finishes up in Honduras, so the marine life’s top-notch.


  • Swing your way through the rainforest in Costa Rica
  • Snorkel in the world’s second-biggest coral reef
  • Hang out on ruin-backed beaches in Mexico