European holidays cram in a little bit of everything – from the glistening glaciers and fjords of Iceland, Lapland and Norway to the beaches, bazaars and bars of Turkey, Greece and Cyprus.

Easy-on-the-eye Europe

You can’t cubbyhole holidays in Europe. This continent’s got so many talents it should join the circus. Brits have been flying and flopping on the sandy beaches of Spain and Greece for decades. But that’s not all they come for. You’ve also got the ski resorts of Austria and Switzerland, the Italian lakes and some seriously legendary cities. Plus, there are always tonnes of newcomers joining the party, like Croatia, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Albania.

Sunbathing and sightseeing

When it comes to beach breaks, other continents should take a leaf out of Europe’s book. The Canaries, Balearic Islands and mainland Spain dish out their sandy stretches with watersports and cafés on tap. Italy and Croatia do dinky coves attached to sophisticated towns, while Greece practically invented island hopping. Plus, on the sightseeing front, you’re spoilt for choice. On holidays to Europe, you can check off Venice’s canals, Barcelona’s wacky cathedral, Germany’s hilltop castles and Turkey’s hectic bazaars.

Famous food and knockout nightlife

Pizza, paella, pierogi – holiday destinations in Europe serve up some of the world’s best grub. Whether you’re tucking in to tapas in Majorca, ordering a kebab in Turkey, or dining on fresh octopus in Greece, you’ll never go hungry. In fact, you can try everything from its birthplace – like Swiss fondue, Austrian schnitzel and pizza from Naples. After, hitting the town’s a piece of cake. Ibiza, Ayia Napa, Zante, Malia – Europe’s home to some of the biggest night owls in the business.


  • Get ready to gawp at Santorini’s world-famous sunsets
  • Sink into the steamy waters of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon
  • Check out the perfectly preserved ruins of Pompeii, in Italy