Fuencaliente holidays hit the secluded nail firmly on the head, with pinch-yourself scenery and traditional Canarian touches thrown in, too.

Local feel

Plump for Fuencaliente, and you’ll find yourself tucked away at the least-trodden point of one of the Canary Islands’ least-trodden islands. This peach-roofed village is set high in La Palma’s hilly centre, with volcanic peaks nosing up around it. Locals outnumber visitors by 100/1, so a stroll along the sleepy main street provides one of the most authentic tastes of the island. For something in a slightly higher gear, head to the indoor market at Villa de Mazo, or spend the day in the capital, Santa Cruz de la Palma.

Lunar scenery

The Teneguia and San Antonio volcanoes both stand on tip-toes above Fuencaliente, and there are walking trails which get you close to the craters of both. Set off from the village’s volcano visitor centre, and there’s a winding route which wriggles between the pair. The dusty red landscape’s more Martian than Earth-like, and gradually the trail steepens down towards the island’s southern tip. The stripy Faro de Fuencaliente – better known as Fuencaliente Lighthouse – looms over the finish line here, and makes for a cracking final photo.

World-class wine

Thanks to the volcanic carpet underfoot, the soil here’s an absolute gem for winemakers. Vineyards occupy blobs of land on the mineral-soaked slopes, with banana plantations filling in the gaps down at ground level. The unique conditions help piece together one of the island’s signature tipples, the malvasia wine, which is more than likely to end up in your case. Fuencaliente’s bodegas often run tours, so it’s easy to get the full vine-to-bottle story from an expert source.

At a Glance

  • Visit the Fuencaliente lighthouse
  • Trek the volcanic trails
  • Tour a local bodega