Geneva holidays really do have something for everybody – from a beautiful old town and an Insta-worthy lake to the United Nations HQ.

Geneva city breaks

It’s a bit of a pickle knowing where to start in the Swiss city of Geneva. It’s famous for a whole heap of stuff – from the HQ of the United Nations to the CERN nuclear science centre. It’s perched right on beautiful Lake Geneva and is also just a 90-minute-drive away from the alpine adventures of the Swiss Alps. Then there’s the old town, the nightlife, and the museums. And we haven’t even covered the food yet. Don’t worry, we’ll break it down.

Big league tourism

Your big hitters for a touristy photo stop in Geneva are – unsurprisingly – the headquarters of the United Nations, CERN, the World Health Organisation, and the World Bank. These organisations play a huge role worldwide, so it’s no wonder Geneva’s up there with the globe’s most famous cities. Don’t skip over the small stuff though. There are over 30 museums and galleries here, covering everything from botany and archaeology to the fine arts and watchmaking.

Go OTT in the old town

Geneva’s old town sits slightly at odds with its more modern architecture, yet it’s the beating heart of the city – and a must-visit for shopping. The Place du Bourg-de-Four is bang in the centre, and almost all roads into Geneva eventually wind up at this lovely old square. Also add the Cathedrale Saint-Pierre de Geneve to your old town agenda. This cathedral is tucked into the hillside and flaunts first-rate views over the city.

Alpine exploring

One of Geneva’s big selling points is how close it is to the Swiss Alps – just 90 minutes by car. Say hello to world-famous snow-capped peaks, cable car rides, ski lessons, iconic railways, and views for days. TUI runs a tonne of excursions that’ll zap you into mountain territory in no time. Shop your way around cutesy alpine villages, hike up to a famous peak, or simply relax with a hot choccy and enjoy the snowy vistas.

At a Glance

  • Flake out at the Paquis Baths
  • Get sciency at the CERN centre
  • Fine-dine your way around the city