Holidays to Kastrosikia take you off the beaten track to a sleepy village where peace and quiet is king.

A slice of peace in Greece

If you’re after a pin-drop quiet spot with an unspoilt beach and an authentic feel, Kastrosikia’s your place. This teeny village is perched on a hill near the Parga region, on the western side of the Greek mainland. It’s within daytripping distance of some of the area’s top-rated towns, yet has managed to dodge the tourist throngs and keep a good grip on its homely charms.

Village life

The winding streets of Kastrosikia village are scattered with houses like sprinkles on an ice-cream. Each one’s got whitewashed walls and terracotta roof tiles – just like the Church of St George, which takes up a spot in the diddy main square. Directly opposite is the village’s only restaurant – a taverna with an all-Greek menu and a free side of sea views.

Beach days

This part of the mainland isn’t short of a beach or two – in fact, it’s renowned for being one of the best stretches of coastline around. Just south of Kastrosikia village, on the western side, there’s a pebbly swathe lapped by glass-clear waves. It’s popular with sunset-spotters, but you’re unlikely to bump into crowds here. The eastern strip is a livelier stretch – the sand on this side’s got tavernas and beach bars for company.

At a Glance

  • Dig in to Greek grub from a sea-view taverna
  • Catch a sunset from a crowd-free beach
  • Clap eyes on colourful hillside houses on a daytrip to Parga

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