Nea Kydonia holidays are all about rustic tavernas, easy-to-do daytrips and top-quality beaches.

Tradition rules

Things are quintessentially Greek around here – that’s how locals and visitors like it. The whole area’s garnished with terracotta-capped townhouses, family-run dinner joints and chilled sunbathing spots. Nightlife translates to lazy evenings beside the waterfront, and authentic cuisine trumps international options across the board. Think olive oil-drizzled feta salads and more meze than you’ll know what to do with.

Flying the flag

Blue’s the go-to colour in Greece – you just have to look at the national flag or the famous domed roofs in Santorini to know that. But in Nea Kydonia, the beaches have their own take on the colour, instead showing off their official Blue Flag status. The town’s a short hop from five highly acclaimed strips of sand, including peaceful Kalamaki Beach and watersports-friendly Stalos Beach.

Nature and new additions

This part of Crete’s as flat as a pancake compared to the mountain-ruffled southern shores, and Nea Kydonia makes the most of the open space. Walking trails are well trodden by visitors, and the beaches are in such good nick that loggerhead turtles wriggle here to nest. Things take a different tack in nearby Chania – one of the island’s most effective tourist magnets. Ancient ruins share the limelight with a torrent of modern restaurants, bars and boutiques.

At a Glance

  • Chill out on Kalamaki Beach
  • Explore the ruins of nearby Chania
  • Try to spot loggerhead turtles on the beach