A peaceful setting comes hand in hand with holidays to Pointe aux Piments. Its postcard-perfect beach has R&R down to a T.

Out of the spotlight

Pointe aux Piments nestles itself onto Mauritius north-west tip. The map of this end of the island comes with a cluster of holiday hotspots. This place, however, likes to live life outside of the spotlight. It started out as Creole fishing village. And, unlike many of Mauritius’ big-draw locations, not a lot has changed. The town shares its name with its beach, which unravels for almost four kilometres and is loaded up with Mauritius’ trademark white sands.

Snorkels and sunsets

The beach here doesn’t buck the trend when it comes to crystal-clear waters. So, the nearby coral reef’s the perfect place to don your snorkel, or a scuba diving kit. Shoals of fish can be seen just off the shoreline, or – if you’re keen to see more – book a boat trip for some open-ocean exploring. Just make sure you’re back on the beach for sunset – this part of the island is known for its first-rate dusk displays.

Days out in Grand Baie and Port Louis

Despite its away-from-it-all feel, Pointe aux Piments puts two of Mauritius’ big names within easy reach. You can drive to both Grand Baie and Port Louis in 20 minutes. The latter is the island’s capital, and it’s home to a waterfront shopping complex with over 150 shops. Meanwhile, Grand Baie comes with a lively stretch of beach and a nightlife scene that only comes to a stop at sunrise.

At a Glance

  • Head for a shopping spree in Port Louis
  • Go snorkelling off the shores of Pointe aux Piments beach
  • Have a night out on Grand Baie’s Royal Road