With its laidback village vibe, white-sand beach and barrier reef, holidays to Puerto Morelos promise relaxation on Mexico's Caribbean coast.

The real Riviera Maya

Make your way to Puerto Morelos for a taste of authentic east-coast Mexico. Sandwiched halfway between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, this fishing village hasn't changed much over the years. It may be small in size, but there are enough restaurants and bars to keep you busy – not to mention the jungle landscapes. Just so you know, the beaches on this stretch of coastline sometimes experience increased levels of seaweed – called sargassum. It’s influenced by the weather and ocean currents. If your hotel’s affected, the staff will do everything they can to clear it as quickly as possible.

Caribbean delights

It's the sparkling waters that really draw people to Mexico's Caribbean coast. Set beside an extensive national park, the village overlooks the turquoise sea. A powdery stretch of white sand's lapped by shallow waves, amping up the area's natural beauty.

Under the sea

Hidden under the waves, Mexico's great barrier reef is surprisingly close to shore. The best way to get close to the coral, turtles and tropical fish is to grab a mask and go snorkelling. There are also stunning cenotes hidden in the jungle – perfect for a fresh swim in the clear water.

At a Glance

  • Snorkel the barrier reef's colourful underwater world
  • Buy handmade hammocks and crafts in the local market
  • Experience off-the-beaten-track Yucatan life in a sleepy village

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