Holidays to Sant Antonio di Gallura line up quaint Italian villages and pretty lakeside beaches.

Rural and rustic

If you want a quiet and authentic holiday in the rolling Italian countryside, Sant Antonio di Gallura is just the ticket. It’s set in a peaceful, scenic spot in the Sassari area, in northern Sardinia. The community is definitely on the small side – you can walk from one end of the village to the other in around 15 minutes – and it’s scattered with a handful of traditional eateries and ancient churches.

Lake days

The town's rural setting lands you close to Lake Liscia, which is just under 10 minutes' drive away. It's a huge body of water surrounded by hiking trails and paths that weave through pea-green countryside. If you fancy a lazy day, you could tuck in to a picnic on its sandy shores, or for views from out on the water there are boat trips from jetties around the edge. Adventurous sorts, meanwhile, can give watersports like paddleboarding and water-skiing a go.

Archaeological sites

History buffs will be happy to hear Sant Antonio di Gallura is close to some time-worn archaeological sites. One of the standouts is Coddu Vecchiu – also known to many as the Giant’s Grave – which dates back to the Bronze Age. It’s around 15 minutes’ drive away, and is home to multiple huge slabs that are said to be graves of inhabitants from the past. The largest one is more than a hundred feet tall, which is why the site got its nickname.

Daytrips to Olbia

If you fancy something a little livelier than countryside tranquility, the city of Olbia is around a half-hour drive away. It has a picturesque old town and a few beaches, along with a port where yachts and sailboats bob in gentle waters. This place is also known for its seafood, which is on the menu at practically every restaurant – it’s often paired with wine and cheese produced in the nearby countryside, too.

At a Glance

  • Sail on Lake Liscia
  • Visit the Giant’s Grave archaeological site
  • Tuck in to traditional Sardinian seafood

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