Holidays to Thira serve up the highlights of Santorini on a meze platter – whitewashed buildings, big-town buzz and shimmering sea views.

Hustle and bustle

As the capital of the Greek island of Santorini, lively Thira's home to all the perks of a cosmopolitan town. Fuchsias perfume the winding cobbled pathways, and you'll find whitewashed buildings brushing against the cliffside, all facing the azure Aegean Sea.

Island hopping

Wander down the rugged stairs to the port – sharing the path with adorable donkeys – and catch an old-fashioned pirate boat to nearby volcanic isles. You can ride a cable car down to save your feet the trouble, too. The port's also where you'll find ferries to popular neighbouring islands like Mykonos and Paros.

Retail therapy

Thira's crooked streets fill up with vendors selling everything from fridge magnets to handbags – ideal for picking up a quick souvenir of the White and Blue Isle. The jewellery quarter's also got lots of boutiques with glittering items – some even allow you to design your own special reminder of your time in the town.

At a Glance

  • Explore local boutiques for unique souvenirs
  • Go dancing in Thira's lively bars
  • Catch a ferry and cruise to nearby islands