Holidays to Torba deal in Blue Flag beaches and fish restaurants with knockout views. Plus there's a waterpark on your doorstep, and party-mad Bodrum just down the road.

Small and upmarket

Set on Turkey’s southwest peninsula, Torba might be only six kilometres from bar-packed Bodrum but the pair are like chalk and cheese. As resorts go, this is a diddy one – an upmarket fishing village with just a few whitewashed buildings, fish restaurants and hotels. And that’s the appeal. Turkish celebs come here to escape the Bodrum scrum – and with a Blue Flag beach and a waterpark on the doorstep, this place is popular with civilians, too.

The beach

Torba’s main beach is a sand-and-shingle affair. Many of the hotels along here have their own strip to play with and have oomphed up the sand rating by trucking in a bit extra. They also have wooden jetties, which are great for jumping off into the calm water. There should be plenty of sunloungers to go round, though, and when you’re feeling peckish, you’ve got the seafront restaurants.

Easy daytrips

You’ve got some top-notch Greek ruins in day-tripping distance. If you’re not up for an hour’s drive, organised bus tours will get you to the photogenic trio Didyma, Miletus and Priene. Here you’ll find ruined temples, amphitheatres and a giant Medusa head ready to be papped. Or you might want to do Bodrum instead. The castle is a must-see, then it’s over to the marina for some serious boutique shopping.

At a Glance

  • Do watersports on Torba’s beach
  • Eat traditional Turkish food
  • Have a night out in Torba