Holidays to Vale de Parra are like a cocktail shaken using the tastiest ingredients of the Algarve – like cream-coloured beaches, historic landmarks, and pretty vineyards.

Low-key Algarve

Vale de Parra hasn’t come out of its shell yet. This dinky inland village is tucked away among vineyards and citrus trees in the Algarve, Portugal’s most southern region. It’s a perfect pick for getting to grips with local life – Vale de Parra’s certainly no show-off, with just a modest scattering of shops and restaurants. And when you want a slice of the tourist action, zip over to energetic Albufeira – it’s less than 15 minutes’ drive away.

Super seafood

Vale de Parra’s inland location doesn’t distract from the Algarve’s famous seafood offering. The village’s restaurants toss up dishes sourced straight from the Atlantic. Top picks include flame-grilled sardines, and Conquilhas à Algarvia – a signature dish from the Algarve that’s full to the brim with clams, onions and sliced Portuguese sausage.

Ancient history

The Algarve’s got its fair share of historic landmarks, so when you’re not kicking back on one of the local beaches, leave Vale de Parra and head out for a sightseeing stint. Albufeira’s got some bigwigs up its sleeve – like the vanilla-coloured 18th-century Church of Sant’Ana. Also, the ancient town of Silves is a 30-minute drive away, and worth swinging by just for its wow-factor red-brick Moorish castle.

At a Glance

  • Sun-seek at Praia da Gale beach
  • Wander the cobbles of Albufeira
  • Tuck in to a plate of grilled sardines