Introducing flight-free holidays, in partnership with Byway

Introducing flight-free holidays, in partnership with Byway

Life’s about the journey, not the destination – right? If that phrase rings true for you, it could be time to experience the world of flight-free travel.       

We’ve teamed up with Byway – experts in flight-free travel across Europe and beyond – to introduce flight-free holidays with First Choice. That means instead of stepping on a plane, you could be taking in the view from a train or soaking up the scenery from a ferry next time you head off on holiday.   

Sound like your sort of vibe? Read on to see where the world of overland travel could take you…   

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What is flight-free travel? 

In a nutshell, it’s a holiday without the plane journey. In reality though, it’s so much more than that. Flight-free travel gives you the chance to see more – to embrace the journey and make getting from A to B part of the fun. By opting for overland travel, you’ll stop in more places and delve into a rich world of sights and experiences. If you want a trip that feels like multiple holidays in one and lets you soak up more of the places you visit, this is for you.    

What are benefits of flight-free travel? 

When you travel across Europe (and beyond) on a train, you see all the bits you’d miss when you’re flying thousands of miles above it. Byway makes a big effort to create a truly authentic itinerary, focusing on enjoyment over speed, wherever you’re heading to.  

There are hidden perks to shunning plane travel, too, like having more freedom with your luggage allowance, or having more flexibility when you need to reroute your journey. 

Who is Byway? 

Byway is a travel company on a mission to make flight-free holidays mainstream. The team is determined to inspire more people to experience the benefits of overland travel and they’re experts at piecing together holidays bit by bit. Once you’ve booked your trip through First Choice, the Byway team will secure all your accommodation and book your travel tickets. They take out the faff of booking flight-free travel and make it one simple package.  

Where can I go? 

Cross Croatia by sleeper train. Explore The Netherlands on a bike. Discover Valencia and Barcelona by rail. There are so many flight-free options that Europe really is your oyster. If you want to see something a little closer to home, swap your commuter train for the Caledonian sleeper and explore the corners of the UK by train, too.  

What’s included? 

When you book a flight-free holiday with Byway, your travel and accommodation are all included. If there are any local journeys that can’t be pre-booked or pre-paid, the Byway team will let you know beforehand. You’ll also get a journey guide with details of your trip and activity recommendations along the way, plus there’s on-demand support from the Byway team via WhatsApp every step of the journey. 


Ready to see where a flight-free holiday can take you? 

Head over to our flight-free page to check out trips to Europe and beyond, in partnership with Byway. For more slow-travel inspo, here are the top five views in Europe to stop and admire. 

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Author: Katie Gregory 
Last updated: 27/11/23