If relaxing on tranquil beaches, tucking in to coconut curries and visiting age-old villages sounds like your thing, holidays to Varca Beach won't disappoint.

Snap the sights

From breezy shores to traditional Portuguese architecture, there are loads of picture-perfect spots to fill your photo album at South Goa's Varca Beach, in India. The well-preserved village of Loutolim, under an hour's drive away, makes for a great daytrip, with key spots to see like the Shantadurga Temple and the Church of Holy Spirit.

Chill on the sands

Varca Beach belongs on a holiday advert, with its serene blue waters, soft white sands and mountainous landscape. Dunk a straw in to a cracked-open coconut and pick your spot on the shore. Local eateries along the sandy strip will set you up with spicy curries and scrummy veg dishes when you get hungry.

Strolls in the wild

The lakes of the region tend to steal the show when it comes to selfie hotspots, whether it's the 400-year-old Bubbling Lake or the wildlife-visited pool at the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary. If you prefer a sail across the big blue, dolphin tours are sure to top your sightseeing list.

Regional delicacies

Forget about ready-made supermarket kormas – here you can treat your taste buds to the real deal. Cloves, cumin and saffron infuse most of the curries in the region, and fresh coconut milk brings a creamy mildness to signature seafood dishes.

At a Glance

  • Discover colonial architecture in the old town
  • Experience lively nightlife on Colva Beach
  • Savour the local seafood at the beach shacks