Holidays to Vatopedi are your ticket to Greece’s coast without the crowds.

Peace and quiet

Looking for a spot where you can really get away from it all? Enter Vatopedi. You’ll find this tiny village in the Halkidiki region of mainland Greece, around an hour and 15 minutes’ drive southeast of Thessaloniki. From above, it looks a bit like a waffle, thanks to its round shape and grid-like layout. On the ground, though, a stroll around the centre will take you past red-roofed villas, tiny shops and a church painted in blocks of red, yellow and white.

Lazy days

There’s another part to Vatopedi – the beach – which is a five-minute taxi ride away. The best thing about flaking out here is that you won’t have to share your sunbathing space with hordes of holidaymakers – the sand’s virtually footprint-free. And when you feel peckish, your toughest decision will be choosing between seafood and souvlaki at the local Greek taverna.

Out and about

If you’re like most people who choose Vatopedi for a holiday, you’ll probably want to make the most of the peace and quiet. But, if you fancy a change of pace for a day, Thessaloniki’s calling. With the 15th-century White Tower, the Roman Forum and a collection of UNESCO-listed churches plotted around its streets, a stroll through this city feels a little bit like travelling back in time. Plus, you’ll have designer boutiques and art galleries to mosey around.

At a Glance

  • Stroll around the village for a glimpse at local life
  • Flick out a towel on secluded Vatopedi Beach
  • See Roman ruins and UNESCO-stamped churches in Thessaloniki

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