Best experiences for group trips

Best experiences for group trips

Congrats on finally getting everyone to book that group trip – if you’re not quite there yet, stay strong! Now for the main event… what to do when you’re there. If you find it tricky to get people up and out each day, sometimes you just need a plan. Pre-booked experiences and activities are the perfect way to structure your holiday. No more ‘what shall we do today?’ Or calling up tour groups last minute only to find out they’re booked up. If it’s already paid for, you can bet everyone will be ready to go, and you’ll get to see more of the place you’re in.   

Lucky for you, First Choice Experiences have thousands of authentic trips, tours and tickets to build out your break – and you can add them on when you book and when you’re there. So, here are five of the best activities to get your group going… 


Explore Bangkok by night via e-scooter with local street food 

Thailand is a great pick for a group trip and this foodie adventure by e-scooter is the perfect way to get your bearings around Bangkok’s city centre. When eating’s involved, everyone’s keen. You’ll ride with a guide through the buzzing streets at night to tick off cultural sites and stop off for a street food dinner with the locals. Plus, an evening tour means no one needs to sacrifice that holiday lie-in…  

After a test run to make sure you’re comfortable on the scooter, you’re taken to a number of temples, starting with Wat Arun. Then over the Chao Phraya River, it’s on to the largest of them all, Wat Pho and the royal Grand Palace. Your guide isn’t just a pro on wheels, they’re able to give you a brief history of Bangkok as you work your way around, too.  

Refuel at a local market and pick from the sweet-smelling street food stalls – food tasting and water are both included in the tour. And, after filling your stomachs, you also get to visit the 24-hour flower market, Pak Khlong Talat. That’s before finishing at Wat Prayoon, a huge white stupa that’s lit up at night.   

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Hop on an e-bike down the coast in Barcelona for some wine tasting 

There’s loads to explore on foot by just wandering around Barcelona. But if you’ve already completed the bars along Las Ramblas, why not spend a day cycling down the Mediterranean coast in search of some more? Don’t worry, you don’t have to work too much for your wine – these are e-bikes, so it’s not all down to pedal power, and your reward is a few glasses of the good stuff and a well-deserved picnic.  

Meet in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter to ride alongside some of the best Catalan beaches in Spain as you head north to the Natural Park of Serralda de Marina. The route is 20 kilometres, which should take about an hour and a half but there’s a break to enjoy the sea and sand in between. Arriving in Alella, you’ll get to visit a family-run organic winery and walk around its vineyards to learn about the winemaking process. The wines produced here are served in some of the most prestigious restaurants around the world, and you get to try them as part of the tour! This is no liquid lunch though, everyone gathers for a picnic in the gardens afterwards. And you can indulge all you like, as you’ll get a train ticket to take you back to the city. 

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Learn to make pizza or gnocchi in a cooking class in Sorrento 

When in Italy, plenty of pizza and pasta are going to be consumed, let’s be honest. So, get your group to become connoisseurs and learn to make it yourselves, the real Italian way. Think of the dinner parties when you get back home…  

First, you have to pick. You’ll either make Neapolitan pizza or gnocchi in this cooking class but both include a welcome cocktail and a local wine and limoncello tasting. Your experienced instructor will guide your through the recipe, letting you in on secrets of the typical Campania cuisine in Sorrento, passed down through generations of nonnas that know best. And, of course, you get to eat all your creations after. There’s also Neapolitan coffee and desserts and your very own cooking experience certificate, so it’s official.    

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Sail to Venice’s islands of Murano and Burano to see local glassblowing and lace making 

This experience is a real insight into Venice‘s past, so it’s one to satisfy the history geeks and cultured members of the group. But it’s also a relaxing round-trip boat ride to two of the city’s islands, so we reckon everyone can get on board. 

It’s a half-day trip starting in the city centre of Venice, followed by a boat ride to Murano. Your guide can tell you all about the sites along the way and specifically, all about this island’s beautiful glass pieces. Back in the day, Murano glassblowers were the only people in Europe who knew how to create a mirror, so they were banned from leaving Venice to keep this valuable skill a secret. Obviously, the law has now changed but the craft hasn’t. You’ll watch a glassblower at work to see for yourself and you even get a cheeky discount if you want to buy a souvenir from their shop.  

Head back on the boat and the next stop’s Burano, which is famous for its colourful houses along the canals, and lace making. Here, you can see women working to stitch lace by the same method as their mothers and grandmothers – there are no sewing machines here. There’s also some free time to wander the streets, try the local bakeries or visit the Burano Lace Museum before getting the boat back.  

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Tuck in to a traditional dinner with dancing in Crete 

You can hit the clubs and late-night bars pretty much anywhere you go on holiday but a full-on Greek evening of traditional food and dancing in Crete? That’s not your usual group night out. Dinner’s included, so there’s no need to waste time finding a restaurant everyone’s happy with. Plus, it’s a great insight into the folk culture here.  

The night is hosted at a local taverna, so you’ll be dropped off and guided to your table where a meze dinner is served with local wines. The entertainment starts straight away with traditional Greek dancing while you tuck in. Then, when you’ve had some time to digest, it’s your turn. Bouzouki music plays and you can join in with the famous sirtaki dance. Don’t worry, this number isn’t hard to learn and doesn’t put anyone on the spot. Everyone gets involved, forming a line, linking arms and kicking along to the music as it gets faster and faster. It’s definitely one of the best events you can pick for an authentic taste of Greece. 

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Know which activity your group will love? Check out what else is on offer with First Choice Experiences. 

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Author: Lily Owen
Last updated: 22/03/2024