When you’re an introvert, going on holiday is a minefield. You just want to find somewhere you can kick off your sandals and relax, without dropping off the face of the earth. It’s not like you hate people, you just want a little space, right?

    It’s ok. You don’t have to disappear to Timbuktu to sort a holiday that’s right up your (quiet) street. Here are some of our fave chilled-out, introvert-friendly holidays

    Riviera Maya, Mexico

    Surprised? Don’t be – Mexico’s not all about tequila, pounding music and spring break parties. Head away from Cancun to the blissed-out Riviera Maya and you’ll rock up on soft beaches with a jungle backdrop. This slice of Caribbean coast also boasts more ancient Mayan ruins than you can shake a fossil at, so you’ve got plenty to explore. Still too many people? Well, you’ve also got one of the biggest coral reefs in the world, so stick your head under water and snorkel your way to people-free peace.

    Varna, Bulgaria

    Pick an up-and-coming destination and you’ll beat the tourist crowds to the punch. There are no worries about FOMO when you’ve already been there and done that. Varna’s on its way up the must-visit list, with its vast beaches and historical towns, but there’s still time to get in before it gets too crowded. Besides, with over 4,000 square metres to lose yourself in, covering beaches, forests, thermal springs and even a desert, Varna’s got all the space you could ask for.

    Halkidiki, Greece

    Being an introvert doesn’t mean you’ve got to miss out on some of the most popular destinations – you just have to be a bit savvy about where you park your sun lounger. Fancy Greece but hate crowds? Halkidiki’s trident-shaped coastline is your new BFF. Go for pocket-sized Gerakini or remote Ouranoupolis for olive-scented retreats. They’ve both got the balance between peace and quiet and enough tavernas and shops to keep you going – introvert doesn’t mean hermit, after all.

    Calodyne, Mauritius

    If there’s another group of people who tend to want to steer clear of crowds, it’s the honeymooners. So take a leaf out of their book and sink into the soft sands of Mauritius. For the truest of true introverts, it’s Calodyne, on the north coast, that’ll really float your boat. It’s all untamed coastline, ultra-quiet bays, low-key hotels, and a dinky village nestled in the middle. You won’t be dodging over-excited entertainers or neon nightclubs, here.

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