• Hannah Stratton

    Now, don’t get us wrong. We LOVE Christmas. Why? It’s an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast, every day, for a whole month. Thanks for the advent calendar, mum. Then, there’s draping too much tinsel over the Christmas tree, and eating so many roast potatoes that you spend the rest of the day stuffed on the sofa. And, don’t forget the opening notes to that classic Mariah track (you know the one) that always fill us with festive joy. But, here’s an idea. You can have all that, minus the teeth-chattering temps, on a festive hol…

    Why get away?

    You don’t have to be a Grinch to go on a Christmas break. A yuletide getaway doesn’t have to be about escaping the festive season – although let’s face it, not having to make small talk with your mum’s sister-in-law’s niece’s cousin is a nice bonus. Instead, you get to spend the hols with your fave family members. So, we’ve picked out some places where you can upgrade your white Christmas in the UK (wishful thinking), to a sun-soaked, white-sand beach instead.

    Swap mistletoe for Mexico

    Mexico combines average temperatures that hover around the 20°C mark with stockings full of yuletide traditions. Santa-red poinsettia flowers deck the halls of hotels and homes alike, and you’ll be able to watch Posada parades, where children act out Mary and Joseph’s journey to the famous stable. Turkey’s on the menu at a Mexican Christmas dinner, too, which is normally eaten at midnight on Christmas Eve. A classic Christmas day here is really chilled out – everyone’s recovering from the festivities of the night before – so why not make like a native, and pick the beach as your R&R venue. If you opt for a festive stay at the Riviera Maya, you’ll have 30 kilometres of coastline to choose from, too.


    Swap robins for Canaries

    The Canary Islands are famous for their year-round toasty temps. For guaranteed balmy weather, why not hang up your Tenewreath (get it?). Tenerife boasts an average temperature of 23°C in December, so you can wave goodbye to Jack Frost and his nose-nipping ways as you board the plane. Plus, the whole island gets on board with the festive fun, so you’ll see loads of twinkly lights festooning the towns. Puerto de la Cruz really gets its novelty Santa hat on, with a full Christmas entertainment programme complete with live bands and carol singers. While you’re there, you can sample some traditional festive Turrón. This almond and honey-flavoured cake will make you forget all about Christmas puds.

    Swap Xmas puds for Phu Quoc

    A very merry time is on the Christmas cards on Vietnam’s Phu Quoc island. Here, you’ll find miles and miles of snow-white beaches, ice-blue sea, and a sizzling average temperature of 30°C. But what does Christmas look like here? Lots of the locals take trips to the An Thoi archipelago for seafood BBQ picnics. Why not upcycle your Christmas dinner spot from your Nan’s dining room to one of these tiny private islets? And, while we can’t guarantee you a completely silent flight to Phu Quoc, our fancy 787 Dreamliners turn the volume right down, making 60% less noise on takeoff and landing. Plus, the swanky mood lighting system helps to keep jet lag at bay, so those post-Christmas blues won’t be any worse than normal.

    Bag a deal on a Christmas break and skip the dreary British weather this festive season. Plus, find out how heading abroad for Christmas could give your bank balance a break, and the best spots for a winter getaway.