7 Top group holiday planning tips

7 Top group holiday planning tips

We know how it is – you and your mates are always dreaming about that perfect trip, but you never quite seal the deal. You might think the planning is too much hassle or that you won’t agree on where to go, but thankfully it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are our top tips on how to get your group trip out of the WhatsApp chat and onto the plane… 


Create a WhatsApp group chat 

You’re already in more group chats than you can keep track of, so one more won’t hurt. Having one place for everyone to share inspo and ideas will make the planning process a piece of cake, and you can also create handy polls so everyone can vote for what they want – democracy always wins. Plus, it makes it easier to make plans while you’re there and means you can get your hands on everyone’s holiday pics, too.  

Nominate a group leader

What’s that saying about too many cooks and the broth? It’s super important that everyone has their say in the decision-making, but when it comes down to locking in the flights or the accommodation, it’s much tidier to have everything under one person’s name. Every friendship group has that parent-type, and this is their time to shine. 

Agree on dates ASAP

Everyone’s very busy, we get it. It can take some time to find that golden window where the stars align and you’re all free, so you need to leave as much time for this as possible. You’re also more likely to get your first pick of flights and a place to stay, as there will be more availability to squeeze in a larger group. Creating a shared calendar can help you work out those precious dates.  

Another thing to think about is how long you want to go away for – a weekend break or five days might be the sweet spot if you’re not used to spending every waking minute together. Or, if this isn’t your first rodeo and you’re all inseparable besties, longer’s probably fine. 

Decide on the vibe and the budget

Start managing everyone’s expectations early by deciding on what you want out of the trip. If it’s a week-long party holiday, a hotel with a pool in Magaluf, Zante or Ibiza will tick all your boxes. If a buzzy city break is more your speed, Prague, Budapest and Amsterdam are packed with culture and lively bars, and you could all share a hostel room to keep the cost down. Or, maybe an All Inclusive fly-and-flop is all you need, in which case Spain, Turkey or Portugal’s long stretches of sandy beach are the perfect place for you to kick back and catch up. 

This will narrow down your options and – brace yourself – start the conversation about what your budgets are. Some might want to do things on the cheap, and others may have more cash to splash, so getting that out the way will mean everyone’s on the same page. 

Get a few bits booked before you go

If there are more than five of you, it’s a good shout to pre-book any activities or day trips you 100% don’t want to miss out on. There’s always the risk with a bigger group that you won’t be able to just turn up on the fly, so this will save any disappointment. Make sure you leave lots of free gaps in the itinerary for spontaneous stuff though – you might stumble across a hidden gem, plus time for an afternoon nap is non-negotiable for some people. 

 Once you’re there, pop into any restaurants that have caught your eye to ask if they can fit you in later. There’s nothing worse than roaming the streets trying to find a table somewhere, then ending up in the local Maccies out of desperation. 

Download an app to avoid those awks money moments

You’re probably dreading those ‘you owe me 50p because I didn’t have any of the sparkling water’ conversations while you’re away. You’ve spent months wrangling everyone together and you finally made it, so don’t let money ruin the holiday vibes. Apps like Splitwise are a life-saving travel hack, because they work out exactly who owes who and how much without having to dig out all the receipts. And it even works it out in the local currency for you – no messing around with conversion rates here. 

Share the deets in one handy email

Congrats. If you’ve made it to this point, that means you’re all booked. By now the group chat may have descended into chaos and who even knows what time the flight is and from which terminal. Make everyone’s lives a lot easier by getting all those nitty-gritty details into one big email, from what time you’re meeting to where you’re staying. Got an itinerary? Get it in there.  

Once you hit ‘send’, it’s time to dust off your suitcase, because you’ve got a group holiday to go on! 

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Author: Daisy Colley

Last updated: 15/03/2024