How to see more with First Choice Experiences

How to see more with First Choice Experiences

Press pause on the fly-and-flop holiday for a sec – if you’re entering your experiences era, here’s how to see more of your destination while you’re away.  

If you didn’t know about First Choice Experiences before, you do now! We have a whole selection of the best trips, tours and tickets for you to pick from and add on to your booking, either before you go or while you’re away via the First Choice app. Swap your Fanta Lemon for a lemon farm tour in Sorrento or conquer Mount Tahtali rather than the buffet in Turkey. It’s time to shake up your holiday style – no judgement, but it’s probably about time… 

First, you need to pick the place. Here are some of our top destinations right now and our fave experiences to go with them for a bit of inspo… 

Pick Marrakech and fill your Insta feed with the Jardin Majorelle 

Morocco’s ‘Red City’ is known for its lively souks and market culture – it’s becoming quite the hot city break. You can literally cross continents over into Africa in less than four hours, so it’s definitely doable for short and longer breaks. A visit to a traditional Hammam is a classic local spa experience and many hotels have them attached for something nice and relaxed. But what you might not expect is the more au-natural side to this destination.   

Yes, the terracotta city walls of Marrakech are iconic, but the Jardin Majorelle is known for its love of green cacti. The place is decorated with fountains, bamboo forests and bright cobalt-blue buildings that house a fabulous private museum collection. It was designed by French artist Louis Majorelle and later restored by the one and only Yves Saint Laurent to star as a standout post on any social media feed. It’s an absolute must-do experience to see more Morocco for your Marrakech city break…  

Find your aesthetic on this botanical tour in Marrakech 

Pick Antalya and conquer the mega Mount Tahtali  

Turkey’s Antalya area is all about beaches with a mountain backdrop, perfect for chilling in the sun with a side of adventure. The sands here are mostly in sight of the Taurus Mountains so you can dip in the Mediterranean Sea with a view. Lara Beach is one of the favourites, but there are also quieter spots in Belek and Kemer.  

While mountains are pretty to look at from a horizontal sunbathing position, the view from the top is even better. Mount Tahtali, near Kemer, stands at 2,365 metres high, offering a 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. And before you think about how big it is and how long it will take to climb, this journey’s for everyone – you get up there by cable car. It’s one of the world’s longest rides at 4,350 metres to the top. And with windows all around, you can soak in the scenery the whole way up. Why not book in advance to secure your spot in the sky? 

Reach new heights with this Olympos cable car tour of Tahtali Mountain. 

Pick Madeira and summit Pico do Arieiro for sunrise  

Madeira often has to compete with Lisbon and the Algarve to be the pick for your holiday to Portugal, but we promise this island is seriously underrated. Its beautiful botanical gardens are worth a visit alone, with flora and fauna from every continent – the whole place is dubbed the ‘Floating Garden.’ It’s super peaceful and not so crowded yet, which is one of the perks of picking a more up-and-coming destination. Funchal’s got a few saltwater swimming pools to hang out by or Santa Cruz has a more family-friendly pebbled beach.   

One of the best things about an island holiday though has to be the sunrises and sunsets. You’ve got a 360-degree coastline to find the perfect east and west-facing spots and here, one of the faves is Pico do Arieiro. It’s one of the highest peaks on the island at 1,818 metres high and marks the endpoint of a hike to remember. Walk though Paradise Valley before you climb up to the summit to see the sun creep above the clouds with a cup of tea or coffee and breakfast spread.   

Start your day with sunrise at Pico do Arieiro with breakfast from Funchal. 

Pick Taghazout and try surfing some waves 

You’ve looked at Marrakech, now consider Taghazout, Morocco’s surfer’s paradise. There’s a more laidback, boho feel here thanks to the surf culture, with plenty of yoga and surf camps dotted around the old fishing village. It’s super small too, pretty much just a main road of shops and restaurant and bar-filled waterfront – you don’t need much more! Plus, the beach is huge and known for beginner waves.  

While sleepy days and sunbathing are a given here, it almost feels rude not to pick up a surfboard and if you’ve never tried before, a lesson is a great way to start. The main surf area here consists of the beaches from Taghazout down to Agadir and all the way in between. Book a tour to get taken to the best spots and your board and wetsuit rental can be included. Surfing really is part of the culture here, so have a laugh splashing about for a bit to give it a go. Once you’ve got the hang of it it’s pretty addictive and there are plenty of other surf destinations you can seek out next… 

Stand up like a pro with this surf lesson with pickup from Agadir and Taghazout. 

Pick Sorrento and get a taste for a lemon farm tour  

Sorrento in Italy is as romantic as it sounds. A postcode here is seriously sought after, sat on the Neapolitan Riviera with views of Mount Vesuvius and loads of charm. Marinas are packed with luxury yachts and pink and yellow townhouses cling to the cliffs – it’s a real picture. There’s also the pretty island of Capri for a daytrip by ferry, where you can visit the Blue Grotto, or historic sites like Pompeii and Herculaneum are worth a look around.   

Most importantly though, when you think of Sorrento, you think of lemons. A limoncello is always a staple after a spot of dinner or sightseeing – Piazza Tasso’s the classic place to try it. But if you want to see how it’s made, why not take a tour of one of the lemon farms? It’s the perfect combo of tasty flavours and interesting local facts. Walk around the lemon groves and learn how limoncello and lemon marmalade are produced – with a taste, of course. You can also enjoy a locally sourced lunch in the farm’s olive grove.  

When life gives you lemons, go for this Sorrento lemon farm small group tour with lunch. 

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Author: Lily Owen
Last updated: 08/05/2024