Where’s hot in February?

Where’s hot in February?

February is just like January but a bit worse, let’s be honest. The New Year’s celebrations are over, but the days are just as short and dark and summer still seems so far away… The good news is, the Southern Hemisphere doesn’t know anything about that!  

This month, we’re talking about the Caribbean – specifically, Barbados and the Dominican Republic. Other hot picks include Goa in India for a bit of sea, sand and surf, as well as city life in Singapore, as this is the driest time of year to visit. Plus, stay tuned for our plot twist destination further down if you’re feeling something a bit different…  

So, here’s your guide to the best places that are hot in February. If you’ve already spied your pick, then don’t wait for us… check out our deals page.  


February is one of the best months to visit Barbados. It’s peak dry season so you don’t need to worry about the rain, with an average temperature of 29°C to escape the worst of the UK winter. Brief showers can happen from time to time but if anything, it’s quite nice and refreshing. Barbados doesn’t have a proper hurricane season, but the wettest period finishes in November, so you’re well clear. You’ve got an average of nine hours of sunshine a day to make the most of, and it only falls to the low 20s at night, so you can leave those layers at home. Fill up on street food in Bridgetown, join a street party in Oistins and seek out some amazing snorkelling spots on the east coast. 

Goa, India 

Goa is one of India‘s top beach destinations and February is an ideal time to go. The average temperature is around 32°C but as it’s on the coast there’s a welcome breeze, too. Forget about the fast-paced life of Delhi, dodging tuk-tuks and sheltering in the shade of grand palaces… Goa is way more chill. It’s all about yoga, laying on the beach and treating yourself to seriously good-value spa treatments. Up in North Goa, you can party in bars and on the big beaches, while South Goa is more of a detox destination – either one beats the winter blues. 

The Dominican Republic 

The Caribbean really is calling this month because the Dominican Republic is another popular pick for February. It’s peak party season, as the 27th is the country’s Independence Day – celebrated with a big carnival – and then the Spring Breakers descend. If you’re after a more peaceful window, travel in the first few weeks before it all kicks off. Puerto Plata is averaging 29°C and you can expect 30°C in Punta Cana, La Romana and Samana. Enjoy the beaches, golf courses that come with a sea view, and culture by way of the north coast.   

This is also the perfect time to spot whales in Punta Cana – the season starts in mid-January and ends in late March, when thousands of humpback whales migrate to the Samana Peninsula. 


February is Singapore’s driest month at 32°C. February to April is classed as in between the summer and winter, so it’s a nice level of heat and without the humidity and rain of the northeast monsoon season. The temperature rarely dips below 25°C, even at night, but it’s probably the breeziest time of the year – although city heat hits different, so this is a good thing. It’s a much nicer environment to explore the city’s famous hawker centres, Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay 

If you want to pick the best month for a bit of culture, you can also enjoy the Chingay Festival in Feb. Chingay is an annual street parade to celebrate the Lunar New Year, where impressive floats, dancers and acrobats fill the streets. The River Hongbao Festival is another Chinese New Year event that runs into the first week of this month. It’s one of the most iconic festivals in Singapore and takes place at Marina Bay, with loads of lanterns and fireworks. 


February is a great time to visit Morocco for some winter sun that you don’t have to go long haul for. The flight is around four hours from the UK, and you can either reach temperatures of 23°C in Agadir or 21°C in Marrakech. If you’re after beaches and a bit of surf, pick Agadir and head up the coast to Taghazout. This cute fishing village is as authentic as it comes and perfect for a relaxing getaway. Or, for some souk souvenir shopping and more of a city break, Marrakech is for you. You can access the Atlas Mountains from both destinations as a must-do daytrip, and this time of year is perfect for trekking – peak summer would be way too hot.  

Plot twist… 

Dubai, UAE 

Did you know February is actually one of the wettest and coolest months in Dubai? We know we’re talking about where’s hot when but even in winter, Dubai’s averaging 26°C. For those that like it warm, this month might be a better pick to see this skyscraper-loving city when it’s not too sweaty. You can actually get out and explore and there are a few events going on, from the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature to Dubai Fashion Week. And, being one of the cooler months, February is sports season – with Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, The Gold Cup polo tournament and Dubai World Cup Carnival races. 

Ready to turn it up for February? Check out our holidays to narrow down your perfect pick.  

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Author: Lily Owen
Last updated: 03/07/2024