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Have You Entered Our Exclusive First Choice Video Competition Yet?

Get your Holiday Village snaps at the ready. This time it’s all about relaxation, so send us your photos of you sipping cocktails, lazing by the pool or enjoying the spa for our exclusive First Choice Video. All you need to do is upload your photo from your Holiday Village adventures to Facebook, Instagram or […]
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International Talk Like A Pirate Day At Our First Choice Resorts

Well shiver me timbers, it’s only International Talk Like A Pirate Day. You may not have your sea-shanty lingo down to a tee, but we’re showing you the best places to go to learn a thing or two…
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How To Fly With A Newborn Baby

Jetting off with a little one in tow can be tough. With these top ten pointers from our experts, we’ve got you covered so you and baby can have a stress-free flight…
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WIN A Boots Holiday Health Hamper Worth £50

For many of us, the main reason we jet off is to catch some rays. But, while we all love a golden glow, too much sun without proper protection can ruin your break – so it’s important to enjoy the sun responsibly. We caught up with Boots Sun Care Expert, Clare O’Connor, for her easy tips on skin protection. And we’ve got a Boots health hamper to give away, too…
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How To Travel Like Queen Elizabeth II – The Longest Reigning Monarch

queen 1
Today the Queen officially becomes the longest reigning monarch. She’s also the most-travelled, with an impressive 270 state visits to her name. Here’s how she travels the globe in style…
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Your Chance To Feature In Exclusive First Choice Video

Get your Holiday Village snaps at the ready. We need your pics of high ropes, soccer academies, water walkerz, kids' club and many more for our exclusive First Choice Video.
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How To Care For Your Hair Extensions On Holiday

With Kylie Jenner changing her look with extensions for the new season, we got thinking – how does she care for that long mane on holiday? We caught up with extensions queen, Inanch Emir, for her top five extensions maintenance must-dos while having fun in the sun…
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Check Out Our All Inclusive Holiday Calculator

Deciding whether to go All Inclusive or self-catered for your holiday? We’ve designed a handy calculator to work out which option is best for you and how much you can save…
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The World’s Weirdest Bars

Drinking our way around the world’s wackiest bars was a tough job, but someone had to do it…
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Holiday Photoshop Fails

A couple asked the internet to Photoshop their holiday photo. When will people learn that asking the internet for help is never going to end well?
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