Markets, medinas and Moorish mosques

A trip to Tunisia offers the chance to seek out authentic bargains and gifts while practising your haggling skills in the markets and souks – many of which can be found in the maze-like medina quarters of Tunisia’s towns and villages. Ornate mosques, rich with Moorish touches are also worth a visit.

From Saharan sands to marina chic

The closeness of the vast Saharan desert brings ample opportunity for camel treks while viewing a landscape that has remained unchanged for centuries. Alternatively, the upmarket and thoroughly modern Port El Kantaoui offers a stylish harbour packed with designer shops and elegant eateries.

Food for thought

The choice of cuisine is definitely worth an Instagram pic or two. Tunisian dining draws heavily on its rich history, and is a heady and delicious mix of North African spice, delicate French touches and a big helping of Mediterranean influences.


Then there’s Sousse. This Medieval town’s treasure-packed medina is a World Heritage site. And when you’ve had your fill of sightseeing, there’s a glut of French restaurants and patisseries to refuel in.

Up-and-coming Djerba Island

Head down country and you get the full-on desert island deal in Djerba. It’s a newbie on the holiday scene, but tipped for big things. It’s the long sandy beaches that the travel pack are most excited about, closely followed by the cobbled lanes of the Moorish capital, Houmt Souk.

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Back in the Sixties, this former fishing village got its first hotel – and since then it’s never looked back. In fact, this sophisticated resort on the northwest coast of Tunisia has even been compared to St Tropez. It certainly mixes up its old-world charm with beachfront cafés and discos – though the walled medina with its tangle of alleyways might just give it the edge.

Yasmine Hammamet

Yasmine Hammamet is the new kid on the block along this stretch of Mediterranean coastline. It’s got all the trappings of an ultra-modern resort – theme park, casino, nightclubs, golf courses, you name it. But you still get that old-fashioned Tunisian vibe, with camels plodding along the beach, and bearded old men sipping mint tea in the shade.


Djerba is an island just off Tunisia’s southern coast. As holiday destinations go, the place is a relative newcomer – but with its whitewashed villages and sandy coastline it’s already going down a storm with tourists. The northeastern bit – AKA Zone Touristique – has nabbed the hotels and the night-time action. And it’s picked the best beaches, too.

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Top 3 resorts in Tunisia