Holidays to Port El Kantaoui bring you to a stylish resort with a swish marina, a world-class golf course and good-looking beaches.

Styled-up resort

Port El Kantaoui is an upscale, cosmopolitan resort. Style-wise, the place is all white buildings and cobbled streets, plus a swanky marina that takes centre stage. There are a few finishing touches, too – like a PGA golf course and a duo of beaches.

The golf club

Golfers will be pretty happy with what Port El Kantaoui has going on. A whole 250 acres has been divvied up into two sections – one course overlooks the ocean and the other has a first-rate view over the manicured greens. The whole place looks like a botanical garden, with fountains and lakes.

Daytrips to El Jem

About an hour’s drive gets you to El Jem. Here you’ve got one of the largest and best preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world. It used to hold 35,000 spectators, so it really is massive. If the place looks familiar, that’s because the movie Gladiator was filmed here.

At a Glance

  • Get out on the water at Port El Kantaoui
  • Eat seafood tagine at the marina
  • Spend a laidback evening in Port El Kantaoui