Last Minute Holidays

All the best things happen last minute, right? Embrace the spontaneous and escape ASAP.

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    Late Holiday Deals

    Now is the ideal time to book a great value last-minute holiday with First Choice. With a constantly updated selection of great value late deals, you could find yourself en route to a fantastic holiday destination in days. Long stretches of beaches, lagoon-sized pools and food and drink whenever you like await you on your last-minute break. Whether it’s a late summer sprint to the Balearics, Greek Islands or Turkey, or a mid-winter escape to Sharm El Sheikh, Jamaica or Mexico, last minute deals from First Choice whisk you away to your holiday destination within four weeks of booking. Take a look at what’s on offer today, and discover it’s never too late to browse, book and pack for your last-minute holiday. For more detail please see our full terms and conditions


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    Our last-minute holidays set off within the six weeks after you book, meaning you could book today and be jumping on a plane in no time.

    It depends on the type of holiday you choose, but we’ve got tonnes of great deals that you can book last-minute. Not having to splash the cash is made all the sweeter when you could be heading to the airport in a matter of days.

    If it’s in the list below, yes. Our last-minute deals change all the time. We’ve got all kinds of holidays lined up including All Inclusive, as well as family holidays, and getaways for summer and winter.