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Last-minute holidays are for the spontaneous go-getters, the ones that are willing to pack out their calendars and are always down for something fun. You could fly somewhere in the next few days or within six weeks – the level of how last minute you can handle is up to you.

One great perk of planning closer to the time is, there are always great deals to pick from. The later you look, the more likely certain holidays will have lowered their prices – if places are going, we want to sell them and that means a cheaper checkout for you.

Not many people can drop everything and go away for two to three weeks at such short notice – so if you can, go for it! The last-minute life is usually the way for digital nomads and remote workers, so why not make the most of that flexibility with a quick deal? Long-haul destinations can definitely take the most planning and a larger budget to secure, but you’d be surprised what can come up if you’re open to options. Just let the best prices narrow down your picks.

Most of the time though, we’re talking short-haul city breaks or a long weekend somewhere. Places like Barcelona, Copenhagen and Dubrovnik hit the spot and Europe is known for frequent, budget-friendly flights. No bank holiday plans or got some spare annual leave you can’t roll over? No problem. Grab yourself a last-minute deal.

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Last-minute holiday deals

These spontaneous picks can help you stay on budget…

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    All the best things happen last minute. Embrace the spontaneous and escape with a last-minute getaway.

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    Why choose a last-minute deal?

    When you get that holiday itch, it’s time to book – fast. Last-minute holidays are instant satisfaction, picking a deal departing soon and finding yourself on that flight the exact same week. It pays to be spontaneous too… some of these deals can be pretty cheap.

    Summer calls for chilled island life in the Balearics and Greece or a bigger resort-style trip to Turkey. In winter, it’s all about binning those dark days in favour of some Southern Hemisphere sun, escaping to places like Sri Lanka, Jamaica or Mexico. It’s never too late to pick the trip you really want…

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    Our last-minute holidays set off within the six weeks after you book, meaning you could book today and be jumping on a plane in no time.

    It depends on the type of holiday you choose, but we’ve got tonnes of great deals that you can book last-minute. Not having to splash the cash is made all the sweeter when you could be heading to the airport in a matter of days.

    If it’s in the list below, yes. Our last-minute deals change all the time. We’ve got all kinds of holidays lined up including All Inclusive, as well as family holidays, and getaways for summer and winter.